Hey Class!

The planning committee has been working hard to make sure our upcoming 20 year reunion is a success! We wanted you to feel nostalgic throughout the weekend with some of the happenings similar to 1994-1998 AND giving you a chance to step it up as card carrying members of the "Grown + Sexy" crowd now!

Please take time to read all of the information below on the packages offered and how to pay. All events are subject to change based on your participation. We need everyone to come make our reunion a major success and keep the events as planned.


Reunion Packages for "This Is Us...20 Years Later"

Reunion Weekend “Big 3” Pass Flash Sale:
 $175 (Access to all 3 signature events w/ reunion gift)

“Randall + Beth” Companion Pass (for non-Crusader C/O 98 guest): $160 (Access to all 3 signature events w/o reunion gift)

Payment Plan Option for Reunion Weekend Packages ONLY:

$50 non-refundable deposit due by Monday, April 16th.

$50 payment due by Friday, May 15th

All remaining balance due by Monday, July 30th

A la Carte Options: DUE UPON PURCHASE 

** NEW**--- ANNIE & TESS PACKAGE-- $75

Access to Friday "Reunion Swing OUT" event at Mix Bricktown + Black & Gold Picnic on Sunday + Reunion Favor

A "Kevin" Ticket to  the “KING Honors” Black Tie Event ONLY-- $125 per individual – No payment plan for this option. 
-- Please include all contact information 

How To Pay:

Via Cash App

Send to  $MLKco98 (that's a dollar sign at the beginning)

Please include your first and last name with all contact information along with what you're paying for.

ZellePay.com (offered through most major banks to send money to individuals at other banks).

Please select your banking institution and you will be given instructions specific to your banking institution on what to do next. The app for your banking institution has to be downloaded.

To send Payment use MLKClassof1998@gmail.com as the email address.

Please include your first and last name with all contact information on all transactions in the note section.

Please reach out to planning committee at MLKClassof1998@gmail.com if you need to arrange another form of payment besides options listed above and/or you have questions. Our committee treasurer (Tamara Flake) will respond right away.

-- Reunion Planning Committee